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Invitation to see the discussionAdd to my marked topics.Topic profile`Zanza´, (bird´s eye view on the topic)All relations display/disappearTéma címe: Samsung Galaxy Tab

Closed-but-visible discussion. - A comment can be added by those who
1) were invited and accepted it
2) are registered, applied for participating, and the Topic Author accepted it.
Conventional forum-view (list of text).¤
I would like to be a participant of the discussion.
    Key to special colours of star map¤
  • The comment creating a topic appears as a white square.
  • Entering a star map the comments your own are orange stars.
  • `Its place on the star map´: switching back to the star map from its textual interpretation, the selected star will be red.
    The same will happen if you click on a link in the mail from a commentator: the last comment of the sender will displayed as a red star.
  • The stars on the scenery of `The effect of my ratings.:
    Your own new comment is red, (where the graph edges meet).
    The previous images of pushed/pulled stars are white, their new images are red.
    The `Self-antistatement´ star is light blue (if there is one).
  • The scenery of `The effect of my ratings.´ red connection (graph edge) indicates negative impact (pushes away), green indicates positive impact (pulls in), white line indicates neutral impact (no movement but getting pale). The edge standing for Self-antithesis is negative impact, of course it is red.
    The thickness of connecting edges is proportional to weighting.
  • The same colours are used in displaying `+ A) Who did she/he rate?´, `+ B) Who rated her/him?´, etc. (chosen these from the mouse-menu).
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